The LORAM system is  an innovative set of tools designed for School, College and University environments to remotely identify and monitor student engagement.
The set of tools has been specifically developed to be integrated with existing systems for student attendance – including part time, remote & postgraduate students
Why you need a system
If you can easily, and immediately, match attendance with that expected at lectures, tutorials or other teaching events, even off campus, and then intervene early where the student is losing their way, the student concerned and your institution will benefit.
Good attendance results in:
  • Improved retention of students
  • Higher student completion rates
  • Better student outcomes and exam performance
  • Reduced risk of losing funding.
Additionally there are compliance requirements on institutions to monitor the engagement of students
  • The SLC and funding bodies such as HEFCE require reports on Home and EU students
  • The UKBA require reports on overseas students.
Failure to comply places your institution’s future at risk.
How you achieve these essential monitoring and data management needs easily, and in concert with your existing systems, is the key to the IPS LORAM system.
Download brochure :   LORAM Leaflet