Our Proven Solutions

CapTag RFID labels - making bottles smart

Make any bottle smart
with a unique digital identity
- enabling long range item level supply chain tracking & brand protection
& short range consumer engagement
all in one - low cost label

Touch Transfer Technology - making packaging interactive

an innovative patented interactive solution with widespread commercial appeal
for packaging & promotional items

LORAM - monitoring student engagement

a set of tools designed for School, College and University environments to remotely identify and monitor student engagement.
Specifically developed to be
integrated with existing systems for student attendance

– a complete team of Creative Designers, Developers and Engineers
delivering new & innovative interactive concepts & solutions that monitor, engage & motivate

We help create a world where products sense, communicate, exchange, and process data in real-time – making those products both ‘intelligent’ and interactive.
Our mission is to help our clients understand and appreciate the commercial opportunities for those smart & interactive products,
building a sustained competitive advantage for those clients.

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Interactive Product Solutions is a trading name of CapTag Solutions Ltd


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